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Hey guys.
I would also be interested in a pair. I am located in Sydney.

Introduce Yourself / Re: 159 Engine Service
« Last post by Colin Edwards on Today at 08:52:39 AM »
Hi Heli1,
My 159 was a daily drive for over three years - much of that commuting to and from Melbourne CBD. 
I serviced it generally twice as often as recommended in the owners manual and spared no expense with lubricants and fluids.  Where possible always ran it on 98 octane juice.  Costs 20% more but definitely used 10% less!
Fuel consumption is entirely dependent on how you drive, tire pressures and suspension geometry.  The V6 has a pretty wide torque band but will still pull hard to over 6500rpm.  Use the torque wisely and consumption is ok.  I usually ran the tires 41 front 39 rear cold.  Fitted polyurethane bushes everywhere!.  Most critical is the front upper and lower wishbones.  Polyurethane with eccentric bushes on the upper wishbone allows fine adjustment of camber and caster.  This is absolutely critical for grip, handling, tire life and fuel economy.  I had the Ti so the ride height is lower.  A lower ride height produces excessive negative camber on the 159 as it can on most cars.  The poly eccentric bushes allow camber to be set to more sensible figure - say half a degree.  Excessive camber and resultant camber thrust is bad for tire wear and fuel economy.  The eccentric bushes allow an increase in caster which is good for front end feel and grip.

Fit the latest and best spec tires you can.  I lashed out and fitted the Michelins.  Great grip, good wear and improved fuel economy.  Make the car more mechanically efficient and it like have more power and better economy!

No problems with the AWD however it is a bit noisy and hurts fuel economy.  However, punch out of a corner is impressive given the torsen diffs.  Again, replace ALL fluids with the best spec possible.  The gearbox shift is stiff until warm.  Treat it nicely and use a full synthetic lubricant with good cold shift properties. 

Fitted Koni dampers not long after initial purchase.  One of the best investments possible.  Utterly transformed the car.

Nearly every day I regret selling that car!
Agreed; as Kylie once sang: “Better the Devil you know”...  :)

I’m genuinely interested to see how the estimate is built up. Never have owned a Busso, never worked on one.
Sign me up please
Personally, I just get existing engines rebuilt or repaired unless it's a huge saving or rare item I can use a spare of. I've bought other engines before and found them dead or dying on inspection, even doing your own labour it's time consuming. I'm sure your local workshop can advise on their labour cost for the job and recommend a source of secondhand engines, however take into account the timing belt on the replacement motor and your warranty options. Like I said, I personally stick to work I know is done ND will stay done.

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Images of spoilers
Hi all,  spoke with Malcolm Ebel this morning then received an email with the important bits to circulate.
 1.  At quite a bit of his own expense he's had an identical mould created some time back.
  2.  They're available in fibreglass and are dispatched in grey undercoat.
  3. Price is $220 for the pair.  $125 for one.
  4. Postage to Melbourne ( Victoria overall I'd imagine)  $22
  5. AROCA members  10% discount , which basically means free delivery.
 6. If there's a group order ( 3 sets min.)a better rate will be negotiated with the manufacturer.

 Malcolm said he specifically had the template made from a late 1975 gt , I'm thinking that would suit all the steel bumper models (?)

 Those in need register your interest then a group order sounds like even better value.
I'll post a couple of images of the ones on Malcolm's ex race car.
Buy/Swap/Sell [Announce ONLY] / FS- 2011 Alfa Romeo Mito Sport
« Last post by joestram on December 12, 2018, 11:20:14 PM »

I've recently received a work car so I no longer need my Alfa Mito Sport.

It has a leather interior as well as large sunroof.

It has the 1.4lt Turbo matched with the 6 speed TCT.

It has around 59000km on the clock and I am the second owner.

It has a few scuffs and marks but overall is in good condition.

I loved this little car and it was such a fun car, especially with the roof open.

Breaks my heart to see it just sit there so looking for a new home for her.

I have recently changed the discs and pads all around and the tires have seen about 10,000km

Here is the link to the Carsales Ad.

I am hoping for $8500 and am slightly negotiable on the price.

Located in Doncaster East.



Buy/Swap/Sell [Announce ONLY] / Re: Freeeee - Alfa 75 Interior
« Last post by matty-o on December 12, 2018, 11:17:55 PM »
No longer asking for money on these, just come and get them.
Buy/Swap/Sell [Announce ONLY] / Looking for a 147 GTA
« Last post by Fede147GTA on December 12, 2018, 10:59:54 PM »
Hi everyone! I hope this message finds you well.

I’m looking for a 147 GTA, feel free to share what you got.

I’m not looking for a red one.

Thank you


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