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For anyone who is interested, just spotted a lovely 1980 Sud is up for sale in the latest Shannon's Online Auction. Sud auction link 

*it's a brown Ti, but incorrectly described as a hatchback Definitely seems to have a boot...

Full condition report also highlights a number of flaws - rusted out front sills, bubbling under front guards, couple of oil leaks. But its a Sud, so hard to imagine it would ever be free of any leaks or rust.

And no reserve, so might be good project for someone if they get it at a fair price.
General Discussion / Re: Photos are missing
Last post by shiny_car - May 23, 2023, 12:13:03 PM
Looking good, Evan.  Thanks for all the effort.
General Discussion / Re: Photos are missing
Last post by Evan Bottcher - May 23, 2023, 07:18:41 AM
Apologies, we've switched hosting providers and the photos are still being transferred.

Should be sorted within a day.

Everything else working ok?
I have come to the conclusion the MAF element that works best is 0 - 280 - 218 - 019 as fitted to a 2.0 GTV. It seems the characteristic response is such that the "Chip - Tune" device I bought can be altered such that many of the "Symptoms/effects" seen with the other elements I have tested, can be emulated by varying its settings. Other elements appear to limit adjustment in one direction only, whereas the 019 can be adjusted centrally.

What it also seems to suggest, when not "optimized" - for want of a better expression - if the Chip - Tune operating point is moved away too far, the exhaust noise can be provoked to sound similar to that of the other elements, suggesting the noise is a function of a weak AFR and not a rich one ?????

I find that very confusing. However, I have repeated this exercise so many times there seems to be little doubt in my mind this is the case, although don't understand why? Is it due to something peculiar to the JTS design or is it due to MAF Element incompatibility?

Alfa do state the engine functions in lean burn, up to 1500 rpm. However, I believe that is a function derived from valve timing in conjunction with the MAF. With the Colombo Bariani camshafts, NVO has been eliminated and the conjoined banks at the input of the Sports - Cat ensure there is a very high air flow charging the cylinders from 0.5deg. BTDC. The consequence of this being a huge increase in bottom end torque. So clearly, the ECU is capable of increasing fuel dose rates at low rpm, based on the air flow at low rpm.

I believe I can dismiss the Porsche element as although it is superb at high rpm, there is little point if its performance is lacking on take - off. Equally, the correct JTS MAF element, whilst being sharp at the bottom end, seems to run out of steam as the revs climb. equally, the element from my 3.0 GTV, although having a greater range, has lower voltage outputs by comparison to the 019. The 019 is consistently 100mv or greater at all quoted flow rates than the 0 - 280 - 217 - 531 element of the 3.0 GTV. Although the range of the 019 is 480kg/hr as opposed to 640kg/hr for the 531, it seems to cope well at high rpm.

The newly installed NTC sensor appears to be functioning well and I am convinced the exhaust sound is cleaner as the sensor is less prone to the constantly changing temperature around number two exhaust valve. The designers chose that location principally because temperature Does vary, which may be all well and good for maintaining Man - Cat temperatures. However that is superfluous given Autodelta headers are fitted. Besides, I remain unconvinced as to how effective Cat temperatures are maintained after the cars left the factory. Evidence of front cat overheating gives a clue as to how well it works.

There is no doubt in my mind however, that the 019 element started to perform better once the NTC sensor had been relocated to within the thermostat housing. Ideally, it would have been better fitted before the stat diaphragm, but the devil drives were needs must; given the simplest and cheapest way of relocating it is where I have now placed it. Overall, the engine seems to be a bit silkier to the extent that I have been exploring higher revs more frequently. Again, it seems content in whatever gear I am in, with torque at the bottom end being colossal.

The new position of the NTC sensor, does cause a bit of a delay, before getting a reading but the engine seems comfortable with that. I believe however, there may be an error in the value. the new NTC is 2k2 ohms, but I have a suspicion it should be 2k5 ohms. However, this would result in the ECU sensing the engine at a slightly higher ambient temperature on start - up. This being the case, the initial enrichment period adopted to warm the man - cats would be shorter, which is no bad thing when there are no cats. This in conjunction with the improved temperature stability the new location provides is very pleasing and I believe is reflected in a tangible improvement in sound track and performance.

Having had conversations with some serious software specialists, it appears, the changes I have made would be either very expensive to achieve in software, or impossible, given there are some functions which cannot be modified. So, all in all, although I believe 300HP is possible, without remapping, 291hp, 31hp greater than standard and 41hp greater than the 3.2 GTA engine is testament to just how good this engine can be. Some very quick and inexpensive modifications can be made to standard engines which would improve it's response and enhance it's longevity. One doesn't have to spend a fortune to achieve that. However, I fear, that without such modifications, these engines will be long forgotten, whilst the Busso will continue to be lauded. 
General Discussion / Re: Photos are missing
Last post by Anth73 - May 22, 2023, 05:09:50 PM
Yep it seems pretty hit and miss, some photos are there, others are kaputz!

Also no link to this forum from the new website and usernames are unique to both.
General Discussion / 1978 Alfa GTV parts for sale
Last post by Toshorama - May 22, 2023, 03:27:19 PM
I have a GTV 116 series which I am breaking down. Whole car is complete but some bits are damaged.
Lots of items for sale.
Contact me is after something specific and I will let you know.
Motor and gearbox available.
Buy/Swap/Sell [Announce ONLY] / 1957 Giulietta Spider
Last post by NSharpley - May 22, 2023, 03:23:54 PM
1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

The car is a 1957 Giulietta Spider body on what is believed to be a Hilux chassis with a Chevrolet 305 V8 under the bonnet.  The gearbox is a bit of an unknown as is the diff.   

The car was purchased with the intention of undoing the horrendous modifications and restoring it to factory condition.  However the reality of the project is too much for the current owner.

The atrocious bonnet bulge seen in the photos is a fiberglass construction on top of the original bonnet.

This may be appealing to someone in its current state but if not then all the necessary parts are available to rebuild into a complete original car.   

Two 1300 engines
original gearbox
reconditioned Weber carburetors

The body itself is in immaculate condition.  There is also a donor body shell included.  It is very badly rusted but has some salvageable sections.
The only part of the car not available is the original chassis.  However, anyone interested in taking on this project will no doubt have the skills or contacts to build a chassis or perhaps obtain a donor car.
Car is LHD and has original Alfa Romeo gauges and interior.
Price estimates on the V8 and gearbox are in the vicinity of $5k, could be sold on.  The wheels on the car are not period correct and are more in keeping with the look and feel of a US V8, they too could be sold on. 

Not willing to separate

If interested, send me a message.
932 Series (156, GTV, Spider, 147, GT, and 166) / GTA wheels
Last post by alfa duk - May 22, 2023, 12:16:30 PM
Is the clear coat on the standard gta wheel gloss or matte or could you have either. Some other sites say gloss but mine appear matte
Hi everyone
I hope someone can help.
I need to identify the part number or find a picture of the Rubber Gasket that fits around the petrol filler neck.
I just got my car back from the painters and apparently they had to remove the gasket and they seem to have lost it.
Its not a big issue because it was cracked and needed replacing anyway .

But without the original to compare against , I cant tell which one to buy.

It looks like these two, but the sellers wont guarantee they will fit me car.

General Discussion / Photos are missing
Last post by bazzbazz - May 22, 2023, 12:05:59 AM
Just a note to who ever is running the new forum format, it appears that most of the original photos in posts have disappeared/are inaccessible.