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Hi all,
Im chasing a front shock insert for my 84 sprint (inboard brake)

Currently has konis in the spica struts.

Haven't been able to find any off the shelf inserts for the spica's.

Does anyone have any lying around?

Otherwise, where is the best place to get them rebuilt? Thanks!

ps located sydney but will pay for postage.

I did look at that while I had it apart. I think the answer would involve (assuming you are trying to keep it looking fairly original) adding an external single barrel fan under the glovebox (or instead of) that feeds into the rear of the HVAC unit. A more efficient evaporator in the same location and then you would have space to setup a blend door and a smaller heater matrix setup at an angle to the evaporator. Air is then pushed by the fan through the evaporator and is then directed either through or around the heater (or part thereof) depending on temperature required. This would also mean the heater tap would no longer be needed cleaning up the interior and removing a common failure point.

I decided I wasn't happy with how much force was required to operate the heater tap on my current setup so bought a bicycle brake cable and used the outer sheath to replace the original. Much easier to slide now.
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Last post by MD - May 08, 2023, 10:08:01 PM
Hi Mick,

I am taking the car to the track on the 18th and will be giving it a thorough work out regarding the clutch and the gearbox. So far the jury is out but I am leaning towards the clutch. It has had 3 versions in the last 30 days !!

To save any embarrassment all round, I'll send you a PM.
Love your work! I've wondered if anyone has tried 3D printing a new heater / AC housing but redesigned the internals so that it operates a pusher fan and more efficient evaporator?
Jeff Micklem did a video of this on his youtube channel "Home built by Jeff" when setting up the steering for his Ferrari engined 105.

Transaxles / Re: Gear spin on shaft
Last post by Mick A - May 08, 2023, 07:03:57 PM
Hey MD,

Where'd the clutch kit come from out of interest?

We have had several problems now with clutches from one of our suppliers, and I'm wondering if it's the same one.

PM me if you like.

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Last post by AlexR - May 08, 2023, 03:05:37 PM
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Last post by bookgrub - May 08, 2023, 01:48:39 PM
I've got a multiair unit from a 2010 MiTo sport. Did about 38,000 before replacing it - turns out it wasn't faulty after all, and the ECU was playing up. I've had it well stored since, and finally getting around to doing something with it.

So, is there anyone in Australia who'd be recommended for taking it and giving it a good enough clean to be of use to anyone wanting a used unit, or to be a viable spare for my own car? Not sure where to look for that sort of service.
Thanks mate, I'm not particularly good on car electrics, but I have a mate who is. I'll get the relay in there and see how we go. Thanks again
Just finished rebuilding the HVAC from the GTV. There was quite a bit that needed repair and replacement. There was a number of cracks in the housing which needed repair. All the foam had perished (not surprising after 35+ years). The thermostat needed to be replaced. Other things I did to improve it were;

  • additional closed cell foam (I used dynaliner) inside the unit to reduce noise and vibrations and ensure the heat/cold go where it is supposed to and not elsewhere
  • LED lights
  • replaced the blower fan controller and resisters with a PWM device so my fan speed is infinitely controllable.
  • replaced the heater hoses that pass through the firewall with buklhead connectors and new hoses
  • removed and cleaned the evaporator and AC hoses in preparation for a full rebuild of the AC circuit (including new parallel flow condenser)
  • put foam pieces on either side of the feet flap so it doesn't make that awful clunk sound everytime you operate it

Bench tested everything and very happy with the result. The fan is off when the switch is off but after a few degrees of movement the fan very slowly begins to turn, ramping up to full speed after about 180o of rotation of the knob.

Previously I had replaced the resisters with the 75 style ones which were better as the lowest setting was too fast for my liking but this is even better. A bit of fiddling around to make it work. The unit is off ebay but the pot that came with it was too small (physically) and the wiring too short as I wanted to mount the device outside the HVAC unit. Extended the wires and installed a bigger pot (Jaycar). Then had to grind the pot down so that the original fan knob would fit (I wanted it to look factory inside the car).