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Hi mate, try this workshop manual. It's in a zip file and you just have to run 'setup.exe' to install the software.

The GUI is a bit rough but it has the info you need. Can't remember where I got it but had it for a few years now, I needed it myself when I was trying to hunt for a part number.

Could anyone tell me how much the lower sump hangs below the crossmember? Got the engine out and just need a reference on how low I can hang a steering rack.

Fantastic,thanks mate, that made it very easy to find. The green/black wire wasn't properly seated in the fusebox. It felt like it was fully connected but it's right in the middle and a bit awkward to get to.
Thanks again, happy days
If it starts but then dies as soon as you let go of the key, check the ignition supply to the coil.
The coil should have a green wire and a green/black wire with spade connectors plugged in right next to each other - the green wire supplies direct 12v while starting, and the green/black wire supplies about 7v via the ballast resistor when the key returns to the ignition position.
...Unless my memory is bad and the wire colours are around the other way, but its easy to confirm by looking at the wire coming from the ballast resistor.

Check that you have voltage getting to the coil with the key in the ignition position. If not, check if you have voltage getting to the ballast resistor.
Its more likely to be a loose/disconnected wire at the coil than a bad ballast resistor, but they can fail.

If your connection cleanup was only around the ignition switch, maybe start by re-checking those connections. Does your alternator light come on with the key in the ignition position?
I posted up a few weeks back that I was having an issue on a 77 gtv, where using the indicators were causing the car to "turn off". It's intermittent unfortunately. I've been prepped to install a relay as many have suggested, but thought I'd go through and clean up a few connections, check grounds etc. The indicator flasher unit was an aftermarket piece that didn't fit comfortably, so I replaced it and things have seemed to be ok since.

After another connection cleanup session however, the car will now fire but won't actually run. The battery was disconnected while I was working, and all of the connections seem to be properly back in place. I was working one wire at a time, to keep it simple.
Any suggestions before I drag it down to the auto electrician?
Have you tried Turin Imports, they may be able to help.

Campbelltown, Adelaide - 08 83460000
Hej oop,

I need a new windscreen for the Duetto (1600 Giulia Spider) as my original (to me) was broken in storage.  The usual suspects; O'Briens & Autoglasswarehouse, etc have come up with nix... no stock for you.  Heaps of the later Series 2~4 fastback spider windscreens, but yeah.. no Series 1

Does anybody have any leads or inside knowledge of where to source one in Aust.  I could maybe import from the UK, but imagine the expense (packing) would be diabolical.  Should probably buy three for packing redundancy.

Buy/Swap/Sell [Announce ONLY] / Koni shocks for sale
Last post by koz2312 - May 25, 2023, 07:26:06 PM
Have a set of koni yellows front and back removed from gtv v6 01
Good condition, no leaks
Including front set of springs (used)
Contact for pics
Location Melb Southeast. Can post interstate at buyer expense.
$450 ono
Don't know the answer sorry but can you get matte clear coat? I thought the point of clear coat is to provide a glossy finish (and protect the paint).

Maybe yours were gloss when new and have faded to a matte finish with time? Have you had the car since new?
Victoria / Panel shop recommendations
Last post by zeeowh - May 24, 2023, 02:07:27 PM
Hi everyone,

I am hoping I can obtain some recommendations for panel shops to get some rust removed and repairs done on my Spider. I have looked through the pinned subject regarding Alfa specialists but none of the questions related to "please recommend a panel shop" have been answered.
I am inner North so somewhere nearby would be great but not essential as a good job at a fair price is more important than location.

Thank you,