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Title: Jobs on 75 TSpark Gearbox Mount
Post by: shane wescott on July 16, 2008, 09:40:34 PM
hi Guys

Had a look at this last weekend. Jacked the back up, put some stands under had a close look around.

The gearbox mounts are not in the best postion for easy replacement :-(

I sent my trained Spider Monkey in for a look. He came out laughing at me, " You have to be joking" he said in sign language - that was until he realised no job for him means no bananas for him :-)

Looks like an exhaust off, propeller shaft out, and then drop the gearbox down on the cross member job - yuk. The good news is I need to remove these bits anyway at some stage for repair.

Looking forward to the challenge, but happy to hear any tips from people who have already done this gig.

So when I get back from some travel (drive the Sydney, fly to NZ, drive back from Sydney), i'll get stuck in.

Catch ya

Title: Re: Jobs on 75 TSpark Gearbox Mount
Post by: Sheldon McIntosh on July 16, 2008, 09:51:57 PM
When I was replacing my donut last year, and screwed up bolting it all back together, Bruno (Maranello Motors 9386 9650) took about 10 minutes to drop the gearbox down, fix my mistake and bolt it all back together.  With the help of an air gun and 30 years experience of course.

So good luck with that.

Look forward to the story though, they're always entertaining.