Alfa 75 rear brake wear sensor pad(s)

Started by AlfaACT, January 30, 2011, 10:52:49 AM

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Re: Alfa 75 3.0 (90)

1. How many of the brake pads on the rear of a 75 should have the built in wear sensors?
    a) just ONE pad;
    b) ONE pad on each caliper (ie two pads)
    c) All pads ... ? I suspect not.

2. If its just ONE pad - which caliper?
    a) left hand (drivers) side caliper;
    b) right hand side caliper.

3. If it uses just one sensor pad (1a) or two sensor pads (1b) - ie one on each caliper -
should they be installed as
    a) the pad that operates the handbrake
    b) the non-handbrake pad?