160 series floorpans/seats

Started by Typhoon90, November 05, 2010, 06:30:01 PM

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Does anyone know if the 164's run the same floorpan as the transaxle cars, specifically seat mounting? I need a seat with much more height to the back of it, the headrest is level with my shoulders! No good for driving fast, I have no lateral support.

Regards, Andrew.

Sheldon McIntosh

You don't want a 164 seat, they're far worse than a 90 in terms of lateral support.  People have installed 156 seats in a 90, but they're probably no taller.  Maybe a race(ish) seat bolted to the floor?


Hi Andrew,

glad I'm not the only one that has this problem at 6' 3" the headrest fully extended rubs between my shoulders and there's no support at all, my mechanic suggested 156 seats as well to combat this "problem" but did say there would be some mods required to fit them in - as it's a weekend cruise car I'll leave it as is and suffer  :D 

On a lighter note since Cileberti's fixed it properly the car is awesome to drive - although not having a functioning fuel gauge is an issue  :-\
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I'm not particularly tall, 6ft, but am quite long in the body. My ergos don't suit many cars! The Italians must have strange bodies.
I am looking into something through work, there has been a new Stratos kicking around the showroom for ever and it's now out in the storage area....then it would be a hassle to re trim it beige.

Regards, Andrew.