Alfa 916 spider v6 rear badge set question

Started by mjf86, August 19, 2023, 07:30:14 PM

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I've recently bought a 2001/02 916 spider 3.0 v6 24v ph2 (6spd) and the rear badges are "3.0 V6" (no 24v badge) I've always thought the badge set was "3.0 V6 24v" but I've seen lots of examples of photos online that also have the same 3.0 v6 badge set with the same spacing per the images below.

Does anyone know for a fact whether this badge set is also correct/factory spec? Or know much about the different badge sets and why some have 24v and some don't. My assumption was just that 24v badges are stolen or likely to break off during a boot respray job?

Second question following on from that, if the "3.0 v6" badge set is correct, does anyone have a badge template for the correct spacing. I've found templates/dimensions for the full badge including 24v set, but not the 3.0 V6" one.