Parking sensors/Aircon airflow failure 2015 QV

Started by Choogz, August 14, 2023, 09:51:56 PM

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Hey guys,

Not sure what the go is here or if things are linked but one day I lost my parking sensors completely on the car and it just says parking assist not available.

I've replaced the module in the boot but still have no sound and the front sensors aren't detected...

Aircon unit doesn't change the airflow either so maybe a damaged harness based on the ECS error code?

Anyone ever had to deal with these issues before ?


Unfortunately, doing diagnostics on Alfas with generic code readers/software usually is a waste of time, as Alfa does not always use standard OBD codes, and the code descriptions for the fault can be worlds apart.

However, did the above codes clear when you tried to clear then or are they are "Hard fail".

Both of these codes shouldn't have anything to do with your A/C or parking sensor issues.

Have you checked all of the fuses?

Last of all, where did you get the parking module from (wreckers?) and what was the part number of the replacement one you installed. The reason I ask is that there are two types on parking modules, one for early Giuliettas that just have rear sensors, and for later models (2015+) that have both front and rear, unfortunately they are identical to look at.

If you have installed the one for an early model car then it may explain why your front sensors don't show up.
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Hey bazz,

Thanks for replying, I bought the exact same module from the UK like for like and another used one from the wreckers.

The wrecks one must've been the older variation brecause it only detects the rear sensors but pressing the park assist button doesn't engage or show any LED nor any proximity sounds.

The new one I bought from the UK that is 1:1 identical registers the rear sensors on screen but again no sound and doesn't detect the front sensors.

I'm trying to identify if there is a specific fuse internally that has blown or the engine bay but currently unsure.

On a side note how hard is it to replace the AC circulation motor, I've been quoted nearly 2K just in labor to rip the dash out to get to the faulty module apparently..


Quote from: Choogz on August 15, 2023, 11:49:29 PMOn a side note how hard is it to replace the AC circulation motor

Are you referring to the fan that circulates air in the cabin or the flap motor that controls the fresh air/recirculated air flaps?
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Aircon airflow solenoids.. common failure on all Giulietta.  How small are your hands, they can (allegedly) be replaced without removing the dash. Mine are still broken, but I have big feet.. you know what they say about men with big feet... they have big hands.

Bazz, Do the rear parking sensors require anything from the tailgate loom?
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So when I use the aircon none of the airflow gets redirected regardless of which mode I select and vents , it only runs at the windscreen like the delisted function.

Trying to find out the part and a diagram to get access to the part so I can actually use the aircon in winter..

What fuse exactly should I be looking for in regards to the parking sensors because nothing appears blown