09' 159 2.4, someone please talk me out

Started by Anovea, March 04, 2023, 08:40:08 PM

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Hi everyone. new to club alfa, recently I've found a 09' 159 2.4 diesel whom the owner claims has a full service history and had the timing belt done 1000kms ago. I'm very tempted to send it for a inspection then snatch the car up. I did some digging on google and found out that apart from the DPF clog the 2.4 is pretty reliable. so as title suggests :D anyone here to talk me out with their tale of woe about the 159?



Owned one of the last 159 2.4 Ti wagons imported into the country and loved it. Had the DPF delete / remap done by Alfamen  which improved fuel economy, power and OMG the torque from the 2.4 was divine. It's largely acknowledge the 159 is a very reliable car, just try get the series 2 update and a pre-purchase inspection is a must.

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