a question about rear silencer - from Denmark

Started by Kasper, February 21, 2023, 05:15:09 AM

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Hi All,

I have in 2022 imported a 156 2.5 V6  2004 from Sweden, as a significant improvement from my worn out 2.0 JTS
-what a joy, as you well can imagine.

The seller said the rear sílencer might be an Australian aftermarket model.
Is has a fantastic sound, but the state of it could be better.

it has 2 x 70 mm pipes - with embossed relief logo of a 911 on both pipe ends !
(-it doesn't seem to be possible to upload pictures here)

I have looked for it on various sites, even talked with Porsche Denmark -but no luck.

I would much appreciate any feedback regarding who the manufacture could be.
If you might know the product, please send a PM and I can send pictures.

best regards

Kasper Lyngbye



That is a  very likely suggestion, thx. !

The sound of it, is very close - and much closer than ragazzon or Supersprint.
They have no european dealer any more, so I  still might end up with something else...

Your help was much appreciated.

br. Kasper