Alfa 147 Selespeed stuck in first gear

Started by Randy, January 21, 2023, 01:39:43 PM

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Hi All,

there have been plenty of posts regarding selespeed issues just wanted to post my experience and see if there are potential fixes out there.

The issue is when going from reverse to first only, this is an intermittent problem and ONLY occurs when going from Reverse to First gear- it doesn't happen all the time, it only happens occasionally.

What works have been done previously to vehicle,
The selespeed pump was replaced some time ago, that works fine
The accumulator was replaced recently as it was popping out of gear
The clutch was replaced approximately 25,000km ago
Brake switch had been replaced
Selespeed computer was replaced, it made no difference to the gear change issue from reverse to first.
Gear Oil is genuine and looks fine

Some other quirks- not sure if it is related.
Sometimes, cruise control works and sometimes it doesn't, when it doesn't work you need to change gears manually- haven't checked recently since accumulator was replaced.

Scan says selespeed calibration not performed, even though it is performed, but then resets to not performed.  Scan also comes up with brake switch issues too, even though switch was replaced.

The fix I've found when stuck in first gear,
1. Turn car off completely and wait 10 seconds
2. Start car again, and it then disengages from 1st gear back out to neutral, then car is fine and you can drive it again.

If you turn car off and try and start it again too quickly it won't start, you need to give it time.

Hope this helps, tell me the issue please :)


The message changing to performed only shows after it has been run. It will go back to not performed once the car is turned off. I believe this is normal. What usually changes is the PIS spacer closed position (self adjusted). But, it will self adjust over time as you drive as the name suggests. I believe PIS stands for Point of Initial Slip, essentially the bite point. You might also find that the clutch pressure plate travel/reference parameter you get when the car is running, stationary and in 1st/2nd gear changes.

I have read that swarf in the end of the gearbox can cause selection issues. Or, a loose pinch bolt may cause selections problems which was covered in a recent post.

I'm sure others with more experience can assist further or correct any any of the above.


Ended up picking up an actuator with low KMs along with my new accumulator going to replace them.  It needs a service regardless. 

As anyone ever changed the O Rings on the solenoids and if so, where can I get these parts from.  Might as well carry this out too


Update on this,

Ended up getting my car back a while ago, a whole lot of other work needed to be done, radiator hoses, thermostat, service, etc,

I didn't get the actuator replaced (I still have it) as I don't know if I should try this, given the car runs but has the annoying from 1st gear to reverse problem, where if you put it in reverse it slips out goes into 1st gear and gets stuck.   The idea is to put it into neutral wait a bit and then reverse and it works fine.

Some more trial and error and did have some success though, when I put it to 2nd gear, and go from 2nd gear to reverse, no issue at all.

Could it be a sensor or solenoid issue?  I found these, but wondering if there is a place locally I could pick these up from and replace them myself.

Mick A


It may be a loose pinch bolt on the selector shaft.

Thats my best guess!



If first re-torqueing of the pinch bolt does not solve the issue, then try replacing the Gear Selection & Gear Insertion Sensors, then carrying out EOL calibration.
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