caveat emptor

Started by cc, January 18, 2023, 01:13:35 PM

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1998 spiders are rare beasts and when one came up in brisbane i quickly went over to the wreckers yard to have a closer look as spare wheels could be handy.
The picture (turns out to be a year old) showed a complete car.

Sadly when walking up to it, a year after it was delivered to the yard, a year with the roof open and parts taken from it had left a degraded example.
It was touch and go whether to buy it for $1000 or just the wheels.
After umming and ahhing i went for parts only as i knew i would want to 'fix it up' and having rescued and registered a spider already..

Glad i didnt shake hands on buying the whole car.

As when the car was picked up with a fork lift to remove the wheels, the rear axles and suspension assembly stayed on the ground! Turns out the fuel tank was also gone and the rear was dis-assembled to access it.

Was sad to walk away from it tho.