Vegila Clock Quartz Conversion

Started by 156Buck, February 15, 2023, 09:08:21 PM

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Hi All,

My Vegila clock was all oxidised and not ticking. I saw a fiat forum that details a Quartz conversion using an Ebay clock (Search Luch Quartz Car Clock) - see here

A very similar Vegila clock to the Berlina 2000 is shown in there, however it involved a bit of cutting and shutting of between the Quartz internals into the Vegila housing. De-crimping the original Vegila clock was proving to be a pain, so in my frustration I figured it would be easier to design and print a new housing to accept the Quartz internals. At least now the original housing could be hacked up the make uncrimping the bezel much easier!

The conversion involves a bit of mucking around, but it is nothing out of reach.
1) The biggest pain was reshaping the Luch lens down to the original Vegila size, although if the original lens is in good condition then this is not necessary.
2) Drilling the Luch face so that Alfa Vegila face can be screwed in W 1.2mm drill bit. You can also glue, but the screws look nice and original.
3) Cutting the Luch bulb holder to fit the housing
4) Drilling out the rivet that holds the +VE finger of the Luch
5) GND flylead to original harness
6) Trimming the original mounting bracket to clear the +12V terminal

From the front the only difference to the original is a change in the second hand. The Luch one must be used. A spray of white paint and its decent. Not as nice as the original thin metal Vegila one, but I'll take it for a working clock.

Not sure if it this housing is applicable to other 105 Vegila clocks. If it measures at 51.5mm & the back looks like the photo then it should be.  If anyone is interested, happy to walk through it in more detail and email through the STL file (or print a housing and post to you).

'01 156 TS
'72 Berlina 2000