GTV MK1 window regulator cable install

Started by Micko, September 24, 2022, 11:59:46 AM

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I'm wondering if there's anyone out there with either photos or a diagram of how these window regulator cables run? All of the ones on Alfa bb I found are old and no longer available. I think the many descriptions I read through would be easier to understand with a diagram or photos.
I hope I'm not flogging a dead horse here but I tried a search and nothing came up

vin sharp

Mk1 1750s normally have scissor type window lift mechanisms...try searching for 105/115 2000GTV cable type fitting & see how you go.


This might help...

May also confuse
Seems a lot of the original diagrams from papajam etal are no longer available.
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Thanks, I was expecting it to be a cable setup but I started stripping it for paint today and it is a scissor type. Sorry to stuff you all around but I appreciate the replies.

Unfortunately the inner section of the door is full of rust and so far I have only seen upper and lower sections and outer skin available. Someone has had a go at it previously but I would really like to replace it. I expect it will be impossible to find a good door (R/H)?