Paint colour for 75 grey metallic belt trim etc.

Started by WildWedge, September 12, 2022, 10:10:55 AM

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Hi all,
I have recently obtained a well-kept 1986 75 2.5 V6, and was wondering if anyone knows the paint code for the grey-silver belt trim, bumper sections, sill trims, door window frames and mirrors. I want to do some touch ups, hoping to avoid a full job as apart from a couple of scuffs they are very good. It's a mid-grey finely-metallic satin finish. Car is red.

A thread on  ( suggested these options:
*Standox Alfa paint chart suggests either:
C1060,C140 GRIGIO SCURO or
*Autocolor chart shows:
Grigio Scuro C211/633 or
Grigio Med C399

The Glasurit website suggests these two for 1986 75 bumpers:
AR 764 Grigio Met Medio Opaco or
AR 771 Grigio Met Opaco

Alternatively has anyone come across an aerosol product that matches? The same thread recommends SEM Trim Black charcoal metallic 39033 - not sure if it's available in Oz

Has anyone travelled this road and discovered the answer?