Buying a new Giulia....maybe!

Started by shabot, March 04, 2022, 10:08:49 AM

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Hi All, hoping I can friendly advice (or push).   I've always liked Alfa's and when I saw the Giulia for the first time a few years back I fell in love and continued to swoon whenever I saw one.   I am now in the fortunate position to be able to buy a new Veloce however now I have the money I cant help seeing the Germans and the extra gizmos and a much better infotainment system and that 5 year warranty.  The warranty is keeping my back the most from pulling the trigger which along with BMW are the only guys left to do so.  However BMW have a far better rep and apparently very good at assisting out of warranty, not that I even like Beamers.   I am not really a car DIY guy, besides filling up the windscreen washers, though I only do about 8000km a year so I know the ACCC can protect me in say 3.5 years if I get a major fault

I have also had a horrible experience every time I have contacted Zagame here in Melbourne which makes me very reluctant to hand them over my cash, I did test drive the car but that was at the Brighton showroom which appears to have now shutdown.  The other car I am seriously looking at is a A5 sportsback, which will cost me $20k more.   Also a great looking car but still not on the Alfa's level.     Does anyone know when the MY22 are landing in Aus, I believe they have a few updates coming?

So this isn't so much as a bunch of questions more of a getting my thoughts down, maybe looking for someone that has also had similar doubts and made the jump.  Thanks for reading


Most people here will be enthusiast so take that as you will, no doubt the Germans offer better service at the dealers and more bang for buck for in car tech if these things are important to you go for them instead. Most people loyal to the Alfa brand look past these things and appreciate the car for its driving dynamics looks and pint of difference im one of those owning Alfa's since 2006 and I have my19 Giulia veloce which is my the driving the car and appreciating it for its strengths! Given the low volumes in Australia my22 won't come till 2023 is my guess as the remaining dealers clear through their ask them to confirm but that's my estimate. Hope that helps good luck with your decision
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Colin Edwards

These comments from car "reviewers" re their obsession with infotainment, gizmos and "tech" amuse me no end!  Its as if you put enough tripe into a car the average klutz that purchases it wont notice the car doesn't steer, brake or grip.   
BMW's and other house appliances are perfect for the uninvolved technocrats that sit in them.  If you want to be involved in your driving experience, buy the Giulia.
True "tech" is chassis development and doing more with less.  Alfa have raised the science of damper calibration to a black art.  Given the handling of the Giulia, the ride quality is way above anything else on the market.  Its like other manufacturers have never heard of the term "tyre load variation"!!
The other fundamental most manufacturers don't care about because they don't really care about their customers is weight control.  Alfas are traditionally lighter than the competition.  The end user will pay more in the long term for a car that is fat.
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I actually tried to buy one at the weekend, but colour choice is now very limited for upgraded audio and sunroof.   They had one I wanted and we started negotiating but when they did the 'talk to their manager' part the salesman came back and said it had been sold a few hours earlier.    Was told no more stock coming till July and the next batch is losing out on a few current standard components and will only be available through the lusso pack.   There is also no more tan leather option, which I was specifically after.

alfagtv100 (Biggus)

I agree with what Colin and Alfapride wrote.  The Giulia really is an exceptional car to drive and enjoy.  It stands above the competition.
However, the ownership experience (in Australia) is not equal to the driving experience.
Our support network is lacking in both (modern) Alfa specialist options and scale.  If something goes wrong, (post warranty) your experience will possibly (probably) be unnecessarily complicated and frustrating (and likely expensive but that is not unique to AR).
Want an update to satnav maps in Australia?  Forget it.  Actually, include any vehicle software updates.
Looking for spares?  You better sharpen your global Google search skills and learn a foreign language.
Want to simply discover information about your car?  Need some advice?  American forums seem to be your best bet (god help us).  They are not good.  Our own beloved club forum is a good example of the lack of enthusiast support in Australia.  The Giulia/Stelvio audience is void or not turning up.  Possibly because many of us 'diehard Alfisti' won't buy a Giulia until (if) they become cheap on the used car market.  Fair enough, but that doesn't help AR or the dealers maintain a viable presence in Australia, making the prospect of long term support for the series less likely.

The Giulia is that good, my intent to hold on to it for as long as possible.  The last gasoline powered 'classic' AR sports sedan.  In my opinion, from base Giulia to Veloce to QV, it will be considered one of Alfa's finest creations. Sparkling performance and handling.  Beautiful. Built to modern standards. Simply yummy.
I suspect I won't be able to maintain her for as long as I would like.  That is truly a pity.
Lucky me, I own a 1971 Giulia 1750 GTV. So, I can pat myself on the back (as a true Alfista), admiring her beauty parked next to my next new luxury sports sedan – probably a f#$%*&@ Lexus.
Because who needs more stress in their life.

If anyone has recommendations for where to find knowledge, bits and expertise for the Giulia, please share. I am planning for the future.
Have a great long weekend all.  Here endeth the rant. :-)
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No idea whether you pulled the trigger in the end, but pretty sure I read recently that Alfa is now offering minimum 5 year warranty on new Giulia and Stelvios.
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Quote from: poohbah on October 01, 2022, 12:00:24 PM
No idea whether you pulled the trigger in the end, but pretty sure I read recently that Alfa is now offering minimum 5 year warranty on new Giulia and Stelvios.

About bloody time too.

I have to be honest, how they manage to sell new cars with SatNav systems with outdated maps that can't be updated with a straight face has got me buggered.

Can someone correct me if I am wrong, but basically they are selling a product "not fit for purpose", which I am pretty sure under the Australian consumer laws is fraud? This may seem a bit of a over reaction to some but it is my one and only pet peeve with the Giulia.

Biggus - If you're having trouble finding someone to look after & care for your Giulia, move to sunny Queensland, I'd be more than happy to accommodate you. Either that or drive up here for your annual holiday, see the sights, enjoy the beaches, get the car serviced . . .  ;)

Quote from: alfagtv100 (Biggus) on April 22, 2022, 10:44:29 PM
Possibly because many of us 'diehard Alfisti' won't buy a Giulia until (if) they become cheap on the used car market.

Lets be honest, the resale value of Alfas drops faster than a Greek Banks share price, but if that wasn't the case isn't it true that there would be so many out there who wouldn't have been able to buy one.  ::)
;D ;D ;D
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