Service in Brisbane for Guilia QV

Started by JD, August 14, 2022, 09:40:48 PM

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Dear Alfa addicts - My 2018 Giulia QV has arrived from Victoria and I am having difficulty finding where to have service work carried out. it has an extended factory warranty and the closest dealer seems to be Cricks on the Sunny Coast and the reviews are not encouraging. The new dealer in Indooroopilly will not be starting services for a while - they are waiting for some equipment to arrive.

Any suggestions? James


Hold off if you can and give Indooroopilly (Eagers) a try, I'm told end of September? Having been north and south the last couple of years, I'll be staying as far away as possible going forward.


Hi JD, have you read the fine print in your extended warranty? Does the car need to be serviced by an Alfa dealer to retain the warranty?
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It probably doesn't, but I wouldn't take it to a non dealership while under warranty. Simply because if anything does go wrong, they will use the argument that any work was done to the car by someone else wasn't done correctly/correct parts weren't used so it's not covered.

I know it's sounds jaded & callous, but my youngest went through this exact thing with his Amarok. It was under a new car warranty still, and to save some money took it to be serviced at a local reputable European specialist workshop for the timing belt service. A couple of weeks later the accessory belt let go and destroyed the A/C compressor pulley & clutch in the process.

So he took it to the dealership for a warranty repair, which required a new accessory belt, tensioner, idler pulley & A/C compressor, dealership said "no way". They of course claimed that the belt tensioner wasn't fitted correctly/wasn't correct part and told him to go take it to the European workshop for warranty claim. They of course ping ponged him back to the dealership . . . . and a case of "Rabbit season, Duck season, Rabbit season, Duck season" went on for many months.

Just something to think about.
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