Stop start not working - a simple fix in my case (unfortunately)

Started by alfagtv100 (Biggus), April 04, 2022, 02:55:45 PM

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alfagtv100 (Biggus)

Approximately 18 months ago, I picked up my car following a service to find the stop start function ceased working.  Though I wondered what the dealer mechanic had done to my car, I wasn't concerned (I was actually rather pleased).
After a few random error messages over the last week, I decided to charge my battery.  For better or worse, stop start is working again.  Dammit.
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Stop start is actually a good indicator of battery health, (if the battery is not charged it won't work) and the one thing these cars hate is a low battery.

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Bruce Fowler


Reading from the forum l had the battery checked out hoping this would fix the stop start function not working, however the battery if fine, what other areas should I be looking at

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How old is the battery?

Unfortunately in these cases having the battery "checked/tested" will indicate a battery ok for normal usage but it still may not be up to the task to suit the Stop/Start detection system, it's very picky.  ::)

However if the battery is new the next step is to look at the sensor attached to the negative terminal of the battery.
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Bruce Fowler

Bazz Bazz

Thank you for your reply, the battery is a Varta DIN80 AGM Stop Start just over two years old and still under warranty.

Battery check report states GOOD Battery
Volts 12.43
Measured 773 EN(A)
Rating 800 EN(A)

Is this battery up to the task or should it be replaced.

Regards Bruce

2018 Giulia Super Veloce Pack

2009 JTS 2.2 159
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