75 twin spark engine price ?

Started by Storm_X, January 20, 2022, 11:01:33 AM

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Does anyone know the  average seller price for a complete 75 twin spark engine nowadays ¿
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The simple answer is I do not actually know. I do recollect them going for around $1K. However times are they are changing...
Once upon a time you could buy a boat anchor Alfetta engine for $350. Those days are long gone. Once plentiful but now becoming more scarce much like the shells for the same cars.
Honestly, I see no reason why Alfa used engines should fare any less money than typical engine prices at wreckers that range from $3500-$5000 depending on how complete a motor you want and whether it includes the original ECU or not.
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vin sharp

Just last week a workshop told me they sold a TS 75 engine, directly out of the car for about 6k.  Original condition, not rebuilt.


That doesn't surprise me Vin.
From my experience the carburetted engines are ready for a rebuild at about 250 000Kms whereas the injected engines of the 8v TS variety are still strong at 450 000km. Please don't take this as an arbitrary set of mileages as they could vary wildly from many factors. It is just my experience.
I say this in the context of what might represent value for money not forgetting the extra cost of converting to injection if that is what one wants to do.
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