Alfasud Ti Qv suspension

Started by herbyj, October 21, 2021, 03:28:35 PM

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I have a question about the suspension on my Alfasud.
I'm not very technically proficient when it comes to cars so bear with me.
I recently had my Sud serviced and the mechanic said that the shock absorbers were leaking. He couldn't source new shocks so he sent the existing shock away to be reconditioned.
Now the car has a slightly more comfortable ride but seems to bounce more i.e. in corners when it hits a bump it seems to bounce a lot more than it did previously. In corners where the road is perfectly flat it holds it's line and sits flat but if there are any imperfections in the road and it starts bouncing which disrupts the cars balance.
What do you think is happening?
Are the shocks adjustable? Dampers?

Colin Edwards

Hi herbyj,

I'd go back to your mechanic and request a detailed explanation of what precisely has been done to your dampers. 
"Leaking" dampers would usually mean loss of fluid via worn seals and guides.  If new fluid of a different viscosity has been used the damping characteristics will be very different to stock.
If the new damper seal/guide combination has excessive "stiction" the ride quality will be poor.  The guides and seals must be compatible with the piston rod surface finish.
Sounds like your Sud is now underdamped - probably in rebound. 
A good test is to drive the car in a straight line on a quiet road and brake hard and sharp keeping you foot continuously on the brake pedal. The instant the car becomes stationary, the front should rise back to normal ride height.  Any bouncing, oscillation or ringing suggest underdamping.  Google "critical damping" - you soon understand what's going on.
Take the car back - poor performing dampers are dangerous!
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Thanks Colin.
I took the car back to my mechanic and they said one of the shock absorbers had "exploded", or words to that effect.
The re-conditioner is going to repair all 4 shock absorbers again.