Author Topic: Looking for the history on this Gulia Ti  (Read 2650 times)

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Looking for the history on this Gulia Ti
« on: July 07, 2020, 11:49:51 PM »
Hello all,

I am trying to trace the history of my Gulia Ti. It was sold in Nov 2016 to a Melbourne collector who has since sold it to me but the history of the car was missing. It is an original Melbourne delivered car but spent a good part of itís life in NSW. NSW club plates were 30094H

If you know any of the NSW history on this car please DM me with any details.

From the production registers held in the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo, the chassis number AR 729473 originally corresponds to:

Alfa Romeo Giulia T.I. RHD (105.09)
Production date: 1964, November 5th
Delivery date: 1966, September 19th
Market destination: Melbourne (Australia)
Exterior color: Verde muschio
Interior: Skai color cuoio