Alfasud Ti QV cloth/carpet

Started by herbyj, May 20, 2020, 12:38:25 PM

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Has anyone bought seat cloth or carpet from this supplier?

Not cheap but looks like it's a quality product.



Good find Herby and just to let you know that when I was making enquiries for seat material for my Alfetta GTV several years back there was none available, however their website indicates different.  I have sent the company an e-mail to see what fabrics are available and will keep forum members posted on outcome of my enquiries.


I bought the TI seat cloth. It is very good quality.


Had a reply from the supplier rep who confirmed that they have in stock the velour material for the Alfetta GTV (refer below to extract of e-mail)

"I have both GTV velvet now, of course it's not the same material used years ago but it's likely used from European owners
Price for 1 linear meter is of 150€ , width is 140 cm.

Attached you can see pictures of the upholstery".

Please note that I have attached this link on a previous post on the 116 series cars identifying availability of this material. 


wow, what a great find!

Twenty years ago (yes), I was looking for some of the black/green SprintQV cloth to repair my front seat.. absolutely impossible to get.

I think I might need to get another Sprint one day :(
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Lou Sprint

Hi all,
I was enquiring in a Facebook group and this guy Antonio Ruggi sent a PM saying that he was the cloth supplier for Alfa Romeo and he has the original fabrics (I need the black with green squares)
Price is around $100 per metre and for a s3 sprint you need 2 metres.
I reckon he's legit, but shipping from Italy may be expensive