Calder Park Rally Masters - March 11-12

Started by Simon Bidese, March 04, 2006, 10:30:10 AM

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Simon Bidese

Taking out dads and damien's red 105 gtv to blow out some cob webs.  Will be glad to see an alfa in the field.  12 stages over 2 days all within the calder park venue.  all tarmac based - inlcuding 3 or 4 motorkhana's, a circuit session, a veledrome session, a drag, an average speed event and the old re-opened calder grand prix circuit (combining the circuit and veledrome in one lap).  Will be competing in classic 2 litre and under, i think there is still places available, great value $350 for the event.  8am-5pm sat, 10am-3pm plus bbq sunday, visist for more details and contact details.  Hope to see some of you out there.

Evan Bottcher

I see Tony Hawker mentioned this in the Cross+Serpent this month.  Take lots of photos and make sure to post them here on the forum!  Perhaps if it's a good weekend then you'll inspire some more Alfas for next time.  Have fun - I don't think I've got any time this weekend to get down there for a look sorry.

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Simon Bidese

Thanks Evan, will do my best for the alfa die hards


Good Luck Simon.....I might try and come out for a look :)
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Simon Bidese

Thanks Phil...Phil / Evan pls find some small photo's on the photboard from the action last weekend, see you at Winton hopefully