164 Heater Core Replacement

Started by V AR 164, February 07, 2017, 08:45:59 PM

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V AR 164

Yet another problem with le Q. Recently noticed a coolant leak as the overflow tank would empty but not see any coolant on the ground.

Well my fears were confirmed. It's leaking from under the dashboard from the heater core.

There are a few forums online showing how to replace it, but was wondering if anyone here would have any tips or advice on how to replace it?

Or can I just block it off and not worry about it? Wanting to get it registered for a long time now and really don't wanna contend with this now.

Don't really care if the heater doesn't work as the a.c. doesn't work!

Cheers guys, Andrew.
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I managed to replace one with all the A/C lines attached and pressurised, just need to move the blower enclosure up and out of way enough to gain access. It's a bit of a s**t of a spot to get at though and my back was killing me at the end as it was such a tight confined space and I couldn't see in there properly so had to feel my way through it. 

Be careful of the recirculation flap arm which is on drivers side of HVAC blower unit. I snapped it and had to repair it because I was getting a bit frustrated trying to get the blower enclosure back into position. Good luck - worth doing it and knowing it won't fail again for years. FYI SAAB 9000 unit is the same Valeo part.
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