Reliable place for servicing in Perth

Started by bortolo, July 18, 2016, 03:51:21 PM

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Our Giulietta is almost out of warranty so we are looking for somewhere in Perth to have it serviced other than at the dealers we purchased it off. Preferably south of the river. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Hi Bortolo,

I'm not sure about places south of river, but Cilebertis in Osborne Park do good work and they are not too far north of the CBD. I've used them for both modern (156s) and older models (Alfetta GTV).

There is also a repairer in Morley (Auto Italia I think) who is supposed to be very good, though I haven't tried them myself.
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Auto delta further north are good but mostly service ferrari/lambo/maser so expect to pay ferrari/lambo/maser price.

Personally I would go to Cileberti's.


Thanks guys. I have been to two of these places some years ago when I was looking to buy a GTV. A salesman at Auto Delta took me for an unforgettable ride in a 2.0L 2000 model - went through roundabouts like they weren't even there! The 3.0L must be truly scary.
Sounds like Cilebertis might suit my future servicing needs tho. Appreciate your help.