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Keven Liersch

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« on: June 12, 2006, 11:00:14 AM »
Hi, I live midway between Melbourne and Adelaide in the Grain growing township of Warracknabeal so if you are ever around this way just drop in and have a chat.
have a look at my car,  a 1750 Berlina Engine,Floorpan and running gear  fitted with a J&S Hunter fibre glass body of which only about twenty were made and is at the moment in
resto mode.   (the Berlina body was a write off in a rollover)
Being a member back in the seventies I can recall the old red and white Cross and Serpent and the Technical supplement shts.
and I couldn’t forget the Dinner Dance at Merrimu with special guest Alfasud TI.
Yes I’m an Old and new member “Old and grumpy too”. and glad to be back in the fold.
  One and All,  I need your help.
During September I'll be staying in Milan for a couple of days before I head for Rome.
How do I get to see the Alfa Museum in Arese?
Do I need contacts,
Do I need  to book ahead or can I just barge straight up to the main gate?
And also is it possible to inspect the Alfa proving ground?
Any help will be gratefully received and taken on board.
Thanks in anticipation.