12V V6 Distributor types

Started by Fylnn, April 02, 2013, 03:21:22 PM

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I just put this on the 115 forum, thought it might belong better with the later cars. 

I am trying to understand what types of distributors fit the 12V V6 from the rear drive cars.  My problem is that I am running a Haltech computer which was using the electronic trigger in the original distributor from an 83 GTV6.  This worked well enough for a while but for various reasons the electronic triggering device seems to have fried.  The rotor button did some apart and the might have shorted something out, but since I replaced the rotor button the car has developed a very bad miss under load and when it is hot. Once the engine is warmed up you basically can't drive it.

So I need to come up with a new and reliable trigger mechanism.  One idea from the guy who installed the Haltech is to use some Nissan trigger wheel inside the distributor but that then necessitates a switch to multiple (3 or 6) coils which gets a bit messy space wise, not to mention expensive. 

So I was wondering what the later cars, 75's for instance ran that might be able to be substituted.  Better still someone like Centreline offer a replacement pickup.
Does this look familiar to anyone?  In a perfect world then I would get a later distributor, put a new pick up in it, and then it should be reliable and should all work without major changes to multiple coils etc. 
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If you can have a suitable spacer collar made, a VL Commodore/R1 Skyline distributor can be made to fit in the 12 valve engine. You will also need to take the drive dog off of the Alfa dissy and fit to the Nissan dissy.
The Nissan dissy will need 12 volt power, earth and they have 2 signal sensors so can be used for a full sequential set up (if your Haltech has the drivers, that is) if you really want.

But the Centreline set up would be easier and cheaper to do.


The v6 had two types, early upto around '85 was a reluctor style, 6 pointed star (alright in it's day) then changed to Hall effect type, much better, more accurate generally easier to use for after market ecu's, also early type had mechanical advance and later was ecu controlled. Basically if its your original distributor ('83) it'll be reluctor type, which usually has an igniter box to convert from ac pulses to a digital signal, which sounds like your problem, seem to play up worse when hot! Straight swap to newer Hall effect type dizzy from newer car, only have to change a few wires, should be hard and depends on how the ecu is configured to trigger off the old dizzy maybe change a setting, again not prob for anyone with experience like the guy who installed it. Would be the easiest as drop in fit use your original dist cap, and rotor etc... If that's the way you'd like to go I am wrecking a v6 car with later type and you can have it for next to nothing?
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Hall effect sounds good, PM sent.



Update on this.  Got the distributor from Ben out of a 75.  Stuck it into the GTV6, took it down to the Haltech guy.  He was much more excited about using the Hall effect than the reluctor.  So all connected up and away we go.  Engine strong again, no hints of the intermittent misses and fluffing that has been plaguing it for the last year or so.