Circuit racers to benefit from new Clubman licences

Started by alfagtv58, November 27, 2007, 02:20:58 PM

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I really do think CAMS are heading in the right direction, a number of initiatives are coming forwad now that will benefit the larger % of CAMS members, instead of just V8 Supercars.  Below is a good example.

Circuit racers to benefit from new Clubman licences
CAMS Media Release
27 Nov 2007

Building on the recent initiatives of the National Club Development Committee and recognising the organisation's new strategic direction and need to invest in the development of grass roots motor sport, CAMS has introduced two new Clubman licences for circuit racing drivers to come into effect from 1 January 2008.

At the significantly reduced cost of $245 (inc. GST), the new Provisional Clubman Circuit (PCC) and Clubman Circuit (CC) licences will allow drivers to compete in all circuit racing events except those comprising a CAMS-recognised National Series or National Championship and other National stand-alone circuit racing events. The events in which these new licences can be used include:
Club and Multi-Club circuit racing events;

State-level circuit racing events; and

Historic circuit racing events.
This means that many existing Provisional Circuit (PC) or National Circuit (NC) licence holders who typically only compete in State-level racing or Historic racing events will now be able to transfer directly to the equivalent Clubman Circuit licence and receive the immediate cost benefits. However new applicants for a PC or PCC licence will still need to meet the standard pre-licence conditions (ie. Driver Lecture and Observed Licence Test).

Upgrading from a PCC to a CC licence will continue to mirror the current upgrade procedure of PC to NC, which includes competing in five circuit races in the previous 24 months (with at least three of those being in the previous 12 months) and eight hours of trackside participation as an official at a race meeting.

Complementing this new initiative, CAMS has also introduced a 'single-event' upgrade which will allow CC licence holders to compete in a single nominated event for which an NC licence is required, but without having to complete a full licence upgrade. Likewise, PCC licence holders will also be able to compete in an event for which a PC licence is required by using the 'single-event' upgrade. Costing only $75 (inc. GST), this upgrade will be in addition to the standard licence fee and is only available to CC and PCC licence holders.

To assist competitors to understand these new arrangements, the following scenarios illustrate some examples of where and when a PCC and CC licence may be used.

Scenario 1
John Smith currently holds a PCC licence and competes in his local State Championship. There is a National Race Meeting coming up and his category has been invited to race as one of the support categories for the event. As the race John is competing in does not form part of a CAMS-recognised National Series or National Championship, he will therefore be able to compete with his PCC licence.

Scenario 2
Bill Jones currently holds a CC licence and is invited to compete in a race for which an NC licence is required. Instead of upgrading to a full NC licence, Bill will be able to pay the $75 'single-event' upgrade fee to race in this single nominated event. Bill is then interested in competing in a similar race later in the year which also requires an NC licence and can purchase another 'single-event' upgrade for $75.

CAMS CEO, Graham Fountain, believes this new initiative will provide a major boost to circuit racing at the entry level of the sport.

"The introduction of the Clubman Circuit licence will not only provide immediate cost savings to a great number of existing competitors but it will also encourage further participation in the sport, especially at the grass roots level. This new licence category on top of the recent changes in medical requirements combine to provide a more flexible and efficient environment for our competitors to operate within.

"Initiatives such as these are essential to help to grow the membership base which will translate to improved competitor numbers at events and the flow on effect is a healthier motor sport industry.

"This is a clear and decisive indication of CAMS' new approach and commitment to supporting club level motor sport and in doing so, demonstrates the benefit of and appropriate use of capital that CAMS has strategically built up over recent years and returning this to supporting members.

"This is a fantastic initiative and we look forward to encouraging more people to hold a CAMS licence and more importantly using this to enjoy their motor sport to the full.

"We are working hard to ensure that the system to obtain this new licence is facilitated in a timely and effortless manner and we welcome the support of members in achieving this objective," added Fountain.

The full Schedule of Fees for 2008 can be found by visiting the CAMS website at


For further information please contact:

Chris Terpos, Communications Coordinator, CAMS
Tel: (03) 9593 7777

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Evan Bottcher

I take it there is no relaxation of the requirements to get a PCC or CC license?  e.g. OLT and medical?
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Victor Lee

I'm going to throw a curly one into this discussion!

Reading the AROCA QLD mag this month, an article describes how the VRA guys were at Queensland Raceway to join with drivers from QLD to be part of a race meeting.

The author of said article bought an AASA licence, went for a briefing on race day and went racing (repeat: racing, not sprinting) with the rest of the guys.

I'm not sure the extent of this AASA race licence, is it a once only event, is it for for one year, etc, but there was not medical and no OLT.

Can anyone clarify this type of licence? 

If this is possible, then when the "Alfa East Coast Challenge" comes to Wakefield Park next year (then maybe Winton the year after) that's the cheapest way to some racing with our interstate friends!

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