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Started by Neil Choi, July 10, 2012, 10:02:20 PM

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Neil Choi

FYI and to avoid all the email enquiries.

In order to compete at club level sprint events, you need to have a competition license which is insurance coverage for you, your fellow competitors and the officials.

Two types are available:

CAMS L2S:  accepted at all sprint events by CAMS or AASA, go to to apply

AASA competition:  accepted only at AASA sprint events such as Winton, Calder or Wakefield, go to to apply.

AASA license application attached.

Neil Choi


The AROCA event organizers and administration officers will adhere to these guidelines.  Therefore if you are competing it is best that you apply for the license well in advance.

Level 2 Licence Issuing
Communication to All Clubs
As a CAMS Affiliated Club, CAMS has authorised you to issue temporary Level 2 Speed and Non Speed Licences to your members whilst their formal application is being processed, subject to the requirements set out on the application forms.
An important consideration in any Licence application is the safety and well-being of all participants in Motor Sport and for this reason, our Licence process includes a critical medical statement which must be taken into consideration when an application is filled out.
We have been advised by one of our highly valued clubs that some ambiguity exists regarding the issuing of a CAMS Level 2 Licence. Please let there be no misunderstanding on the importance of checking the health statement included on page 3 of the Level 2 licence form application prior to issuing any temporary licence to your members.
If a potential new club member purchases a club membership and then wishes to purchase a CAMS Level 2 Licence, they must complete all parts of the forms, which includes a Health Statement. If a member indicates that they suffer from any one of six following medical conditions, the competitor must not be issued a licence on spot and instead should be referred to their doctor to get a letter of clearance for their condition prior to being able to gain a competitive licence. The medical conditions are:
 Diabetes
 Heart Disease/Chest Pain
 Epilepsy
 Fits/Fainting/Dizziness
 Anxiety/Depression and other mental conditions
 Headaches /Migraine/ Head Injury
Once CAMS has received the application form along with the medical clearance letter, it will be then reviewed by our medical experts and approval given to issue the licence or not.
We have updated the Level 2 Licence application form to more clearly state the above - please take the time to ensure that all Club Officers are aware of this process when issuing licences.
If you require further clarification on this particular matter, please do not hesitate to contact the CAMS Customer Service Hotline on 1300 883 959.

Evan Bottcher

So Neil, I'm trying to interpret this.  Can you confirm if I understand correctly...

Our club is authorised to issue temporary L2 licenses (e.g. on the day of a sprint) while the paperwork is sent to CAMS to issue the proper license.  These instructions say NOT to issue a temporary L2 if any of those medical conditions are present, as those will require a doctors clearance and an assessment by CAMS.

So best to get your license in order well in advance of events, especially if you have to tick yes to one or more of the six medical conditions.

Did I get that right?
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Neil Choi

Yes, that is how I understand it to be.  Medical conditions are a concern.

However, ticking the box - "Lack of talent" does still allow the issue of the license.

But in all seriousness, we have taken the approach that you need to apply for your license well in advance. 

Take the case, if you are travelling overseas, when would you be checking that you have a passport?  I would doubt the border security be lenient.