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Brake fluid, which one?
« on: August 19, 2011, 07:31:56 AM »
G'day fellow brake bleeders,

Thought l would copy this info over and give it it's own topic, making it easy to find latter on.
MD is the forum user that supplied this info, a good reliable Sorcerer ;). Please add your experience when it comes to brake fluids and bleeding tips for our Alfas.



With regard to using higher end fluids like Lucas Grand Prix 600, keep in mind that the existing system must be flushed with the same fluid first otherwise the performance of your new fluid will be downgraded to the performance of the fluid that is in the system. Hardly what you want.

Quote from Lucas label:
"For best results bleed the system with fresh fluid before each race, especially if the brakes are excessively hot and/or the conditions are humid".
Now if you are going to follow that advice, be sure there are plenty of moths in the wallet.

If you intend to flush the system before each race then you should install the highest DRY boiling point you can afford. If on the other hand you want to change the fluid 3-4 times year, you should install the highest WET boiling point fluid.

Here's the specs on the Motul RBF 600 for interest sake as a non silicon based compromise.

Cheers Paul

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