AROCA Vic Sprint Competition Rules and Competition declaration

Started by Neil Choi, January 27, 2013, 12:23:21 AM

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Neil Choi

AROCA Vic Sprint 2013 Competition Rules and Entrant declaration form.

Attached for your reference and declaration for competing in the AROCA Vic Sprint Competition.  Rules document must be read and understood and declaration submitted to be eligible for pointscore towards club championship trophies.


Neil Choi

in addition to conforming your Alfa to the above AROCA Vic Sprint regulations, you might want to consider the Veloce Racing Association (VRA) regulations which will allow you to compete with them in their open race meetings especially the annual East Coast Challenge.

Neil Choi

The 2017 AROCA Competition declaration is now available which needs to be completed and submitted to be eligible to accumulate point scores in the Sprint Competition.

Our Chief Scrutineers will be carrying out classification checks on your competition car for eligibility within the class you have chosen.