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Started by Colin Byrne, May 21, 2010, 06:48:43 AM

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Colin Byrne

Hi all
Sent my twin spark head away to get checked out and get the valves refitted.  After $500 I got it back "all ready to go", I was about to put it on the block and discovered that they had put the cam caps on in the wrong order.  Not a big deal to swap back around but I thought I'd better check all the valve clearances,  all wrong!.  So after a bit of messing around getting some new shims I had all the clearances set very nicely and was just about to put the head on when I noticed that one of the exhaust guids had been ground down to be flush with the port, and only on 1 guide!!.  I sent the head back and the response I got was that they didn't think it was an issue and wouldn't be doing anything to fix it, the work came with a warranty so all I could do was put it on the engine and come back to them if there was a problem.
Has anyone else had any experience with this? I'm a bit worried about the heat dissipation from the valve without the guide there? Am I going to have to spend more money to get the valve fixed?  Any thoughts are appreciated

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