Sprint Fibreglass Panels?

Started by Mark Charles Fletcher, February 19, 2007, 03:01:37 PM

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Mark Charles Fletcher

Hi all... I think I have sourced my Sprint... but as usual rust is at work...

I have found - what seems to be a good supplier of fiberglass panels - in The UK.


Obviously shipping and exchange rates will hurt... does anyone know a supplier here?



Fast Eddie

Not in Oz for fibreglass panels but Milano Spares in Thomastown, vic have some original steel panels and i am sure it would also be worth a call to Monza Motors and The Italian Job to check stocks before importing.
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I've found someone willing and able to professional cast a mould and supply sprint panels in fibreglass. because it's not the cheapest of exercises i'm trying to gauge interest to see if there are enough people to go splits in doing this (just had baby number three so cash is a bit short at the moment).
i'm in perth but the people who can do them are in sydney, so you're in luck. i've been quoted the following:

Bonnet mould approx. $1000.00 inner and outer.
Hatch mould approx $600.00 inner and outer.
Guard moulds appox $600.00 each.

Parts prices.
Bonnet hinged $ 400.00 + gst
Hatch hinged $275.00 + gst.
Guards $200.00 + gst each.

As mentioned - a bit rich for me to do alone at the moment, but if there are a few of us who want to pitch in and cover the cost of the mould etc it may be doable.

Mark Charles Fletcher

Sounds interesting.... lets collect interested parties...

Are they reputable...and make a good product?


apparently they do a lot of work for drag and circuit guys (but mainly on toranas et al). being in perth i can't inspect up close the quality of their work, so there's a bit of faith involved. if we can get enough people to defray costs it'd be good.

i've been looking for this for a while now and was happy to find someone who can do it. losing weight on a sprint forward of the a pillar is a tough task and these panels would go a long way towards doing that.

Mark Charles Fletcher

Well I am ready... I definatleeee need both front guards... maybe a bonnet...

any other takers... or I chase up some steel ones?

Mark Charles Fletcher

I bought a second Sprint... for parts and now I can't bear to see itdie... so Glass guards mmmay be the go...if we cando it...


the sticking point is having someone in sydney able to lend their sprint for the moulds. if we could do this i'd be able to go splits with you to get the moulds done.


Did anyone ever find someone to make fibreglass panels for the sprints?


I had a fibreglass bonnet on the sprint that I raced for a few years. Car is now in Adelaide. Peter Parianos from Brisbane has a Sprint racer and had a carbon bonnet made for it. He may still have the mould. Not sure if Peter is a forum member. Cheers, Brent