HANGING ROCK picnic and Car display

Started by Fast Eddie, February 08, 2007, 12:31:42 PM

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Fast Eddie

Please note the Annual Hanging Rock picnic and car display day is on again this Sunday FEB 11.

At this stage a very small AROCA contingent is attending but the more the merrier so you are all welcome 9but only if driving your Alfa) ;)

We (Pearce's with red GTC and Hellsten's with yellow GTV) are meeting @ Calder Park @ 0930 outside on the side of the highway just north of the circuit entry (not inside).

From there we will leave a few minutes later in convoy to Hanging Rock itself where, (once we meet a member from Castlemaine outside) will venture in so we can park up together.

Bring your Alfa, a rug and picnic lunch (or buy on the day) and enjoy a relaxing afternoon inspecting the assembled cars.

If you intend to join us, let me know - 0419 888 459 or email - vicepresident@alfalcubvic.org.au or reply to this post so we know to wait for you @ Calder.  Otherwise get there by 0930 as we will leave 10 minutes later.


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