Twin Spark Valve Guide Seals

Started by Colin Byrne, November 30, 2009, 09:58:22 PM

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Colin Byrne

Hi guys, another weird one.
Just got my TS gasket set (Victor Reinz) sent to me at work today. When I got home I got the head out and went to install the included valve guide seals and they appeared to be to big for the valves guides.  I'm struggling to measure the old seals as they are all bent from removing them but the look to be about 10.7mm  and the new seals look to be 11.4mm?  The no. printed on the original seals are VA3 8-26 B15 and the new ones VA3 9-11 A21  not sure what they mean though as none of the numbers seem to line up with any sizes I can measure and didn't have any luck googleing it either.  I've had incorrect rear main seals in gasket sets before, has anyone else ever got the wrong size valve seals? Or can anyone shed some light on the correct size and part no.?
Thanks for any info
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