Optoelectronic cluster problems.

Started by JOHN G, October 04, 2009, 03:51:59 AM

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The Alfa 90 I just bought finally arrived  :)
One problem the Star Wars dash speedo plays up.
One minute it's working fine( I checked it against my GPS)next minute the speedo is reading zero all other gauges are performing correctly.

Any ideas how to fix this?  ( speedo sender)

Are the 90 digital dashes easy to swap out and are they interchangeable with the Alfa 90 Super dash?

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Sheldon McIntosh

It's not just a loose connection at the sender?  Does it just stop working at random, or when changing gear or something else?

They're easy to swap out, just a couple of screws holding them in from memory, but sorry I don't know if they can be swapped for a Super dash.  I'm sure it could be done, as to how easy it would be....

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