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Wanna be a Clerk of Course?
« on: September 20, 2009, 11:02:51 AM »
The last couple of years the CoC has pretty much been me of Greg Savage (MX-5 club). This year I've had to pull out at short notice twice because of work commitments and its looking like next year I'll be spending more time overseas & may struggle to do many events. So we need another clerk of Course qualified person. I started doing it because its one of the few positions that excludes you from entering. There's usually a couple of events a year when I'm free on the weekend but for a number of reasons may not want to drive. So, I thought that being CoC was a good way to contribute and take the load off some of the guys who were there at every event helping to run it.

These are the things that are good about the job:
The club has an excellent reputation for running events. You become part of a successful team
The group of guys who help run it are a great group to be involved with (Neil Choi, etc)
Its a good way to meet and become known by a lot of club members
The Clerk of Course has a great position to overview the whole event
Its satisfying to be part of the group that runs good events
It will set you up to help with some of the 2010 centenary events
It sets you up for a senior position at the 6 hour - which is just plain fun.

You don't need to be a driver, anyone can do it. But you need to do the CAMS course and be assessed. A path for anyone interested would be to 1). do the course, 2) help out at the 6 hour and 3). do the assessment at the December Philip Is event or the first event next year.

Typically the club does 6 or so events a year. I'll do a couple, I expect Greg Savage will do a couple, so there room for someone to come on board and do a couple - its not too arduous, you won't be left doing them all!

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