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Started by MD, May 13, 2009, 07:13:28 PM

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The following list of service providers is the result a poll conducted on this Forum to establish the need for this information. Please feel free to ad to the list the details of any provider that you have personally found to provide satisfactory service.

General Mechanical

Post by Gary687 >

As a newbie to this forum but an owner of 2 Alfa's, can I thoroughly recommend Automotion (www.automotion.com.au) in Albion. They have worked on both my cars (and shall continue to do so) as the combined knowedge and experience of Chris and Cameron is exceptional. The quality of their work and friendly nature means I shall not be going anywhere else for any of my Alfa needs. Check out their website and you'll see their heritage and see whay they're as good as they are.

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Re: Ron and Bruce at Leda.  For me personally, he has made vernier cam pulleys, machined throttle bodies, made an intake manifold to fit bike carbs to my Suzuki road car, along with one or two other things.  Bruce set up the negative camber and wheel alignment on my Suzuki, as well.

Ron also made the CAMS-approved rollcage for a friend's car, with Bruce custom making most of the suspension (how often do you see an AWD, turbo Mighty Boy?). 

Racing Suspension

Leda Suspension, operator ,  Bruce Dalziel
Unit 5, Cnr Johnstone Rd & Belconnen Crs
QLD, 4500

Contact Details
Ph:(07) 3205 3165
email : ron_pomm@hotmail.com

Comment : These guys know front and rear wheel drive Alfas. They prepare race car suspensions from scratch if necessary. Can make specialty items  such as caliper brackets, control arm mods, machine up special parts if needed. Ron & Bruce are inventive guys and very pleasant colaborators in your project.

Specialty Engineering

Designs & Solutions P/L
Contact : Daniel Kirk
Phone : 3255 6760
Mobile : 0407 112 715
email :designs@ecoms.com

Comment: Daniel has a passion for Alfas. Has a 116 GTV6 race car in progress. Qualified engineer. He will use your design or design the part you need for a modification you have in mind. Can usually fabricate the same parts also. Racing modifications to : brake & clutch conversions (including ratio and hydraulic redesign), pedal boxes, transaxle gear shift redesigns, V6 induction and exhaust system designs. Discuss your project to see where he could help you.


Bulldog Trimming, operator : David Barnes
7a Tina Street,Beaudesert, QLD 4285
Phone : (07) 5541 2661

If you need an automotive upholsterer who can remake the complete interiors for your restoration project in any materials of your choice, David is your guy. Got the patience of a saint and finishing skills to match. About an hour south from the Brisbane CBD.

Roll Cage Builder

S.L.Race Fabrications, operator,Scott Leo.
Unit 1/24 Tradelink Road, Browns Plains.
Phone 3800 8495

Have seen cages made by Scott for various customers. Very professional job. He will also do bends for a nominal charge if you want to build your own.

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the best guy to contact for cams approved rollcages is bruce dummit of nambour radiators. he is always doing runs to brisbane with his tilt tray so he can pick up your car most weeks and he does an expert job. fully welded and approved. very experienced racer himself so he knows what he is doing and the best thing is, he is way cheaper than other so called experts. i'll get back to you later with a phone number.
p.s. recently did a gtv6 for us.

Post by OzMidnight >

Also did a friend's Datsun 1600 and did a nice job at a rather surprising price!

Engine Component Balancing

See Rod Farrell. 77 Sterculia Av. Holland Park Tel 3349 8818 Mob.0413 614 592. Rod will balance your crankshaft, flywheel, front pulley, pistons and pins, rods to perfection.
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Guy's, a great info for someone who is looking to rebuild a 67 step fronted GT veloce. I was wondering if anyone could offer up any body shops that are worth contacting?



Any ideas for a mechanic on the Gold Coast for classic alfas? 
I know of Revolution, any others?

Thanks in advance!


Hi yáll
I keep hearing about Gary Stewart in Algester, a carby wiz apparently. Has anyone got contact details and location for him?
current : 1980 Alfetta GTV 116 (w/TS running gear)
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Sorry to say your info is not correct and he doesn't really work on Alfas unless it is under duress. His engineering prowess relates to making MX-5's go quick and they are all injected.

You might try Jim Milliner at Smart Automotive at Stafford. If he's in a good mood, he'll look after you. :D
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Steve, AROCA club member Julian Lord is also very good with Alfa carbs (rebuilding, balancing, tuning). He works during the day but tinkers with a few Alfas on weekends. 38866433. Long way from your place though, as he's over near Lakeside.


Stop sending people to Jim MD... I'm being very patient....

Steve, just watch out you don't go in there wanting your carbs sorted and come out with Motec  :)


Yeah I think I know what you mean. He loves Motec gear and who could blame him?

Where there is a waiting que to get work done, there are usually good reasons. High expectations and too few hands would sum it up. I have been part of that backlog and it's frustrating but the end result has always been worthwhile. I bet London-to-a-brick that Vin Sharp wishes he had 6 more pairs of hands sometimes.(..er name used under poetic license,Vin :))

Anyhow, the topic is carburettors and Jim (amongst others)can do the job well. He might joke with you and suggest swapping that boat anchor Alfa engine for a Nissan motor but he will do a good job nevertheless. He can't help himself. He is a racer himself :)

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Yes, you do know what I mean. Agree with all of that....


As some of us have older alfas that shall we say, are a little metal deficient in some places, can anyone suggest a good place for rust repairs/panel fabrication in Brisbane???


Hi MD...Gary Stewart is indeed a carby wizard, as well as EFI.  He cured a long ailing Quadrajet on my 164kW atw cruiser VH 253 and also jetted and tuned the Yamaha R1 carbs on my Suzuki GTi (he worked on Suzuki engines even before the MX5's!).  However, he tends to do word of mouth stuff these days, as far as I know, as well as specialised stuff like engine and piston design for some of the sports car racers, such as Grant Watson.
WhiteAlfa (is that you, Jamie?), have you tried doing a google of places near you and the checked for reviews on them?  You might be able to find a gem near you that way.


Ron Pomerell is no longer doing bar work and such for cars and he is easing out of work altogether, heading for retirement.


He did a lot of work on the Bob Whitehouse cars that I know of and was also helpful in sorting stuff out for the Brick. Shame to see him go but that scene is about to be repeated all over Australia when the Baby Boomers head for the hills.
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Hi anybody know a good mechanic on the Gold Coast or Byron Bay? My daughter's 2004 147 Twin Spark broke down last night - the mechanic that it was towed to in Byron thinks its the timing belt but he can't fix it.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Occasionally I get asked if I know any carburettor tuners in Brisbane. The answer is yes.

Gary Stewart from GSL Engineering Services @ Learoyd Road, Acacia Ridge, 3273 3164

Gary has a chassis dyno and will tune your carburetted race car only with this proviso:-

The entire car is well maintained and in a fit condition to have a dyno workout. Everything on it works and all it needs is a tune up. It is not a street vehicle for everyday use.

He does not do any maintenance or other general repairs to get it to that stage. You will need to see your regular mechanic to do that if the car requires it.

He does not tune racing motorcycles.

If you want a personal endorsement, Gary tunes my race cars and does a great job.
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