Author Topic: The Drag Kombat has been run and won...  (Read 2894 times)

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The Drag Kombat has been run and won...
« on: March 16, 2009, 08:29:59 AM »
With 197 entrants on the cards Sunday at WSID was always going to have a street car for everybody screaming down the quarter mile and shaking the ground beneath your feet.

Audiís, VWís and XR5ís were the weapon of choice for epcc enthusiasts with some serious big horsepower cars on the entrant list, like an Audi S4 sedan with well over 200kw at the wheels, to a one of Italyís finest and iím not referring to a Ferrari - a 147 GTA...and yes it did DNS due to diff issues

The 2 door coupe class was unfortunately vacant this round and would have been an easy win for a BMW  M3 or Audi TT owner (Hint, Hint)...not the case in the hot hatch category though.

The XR5 show of force at round one had now grown to three and to say the XR5 crew are strong competitors is an understatement Ė the cars and the drivers are good, very good!

Sean Stewart from round one stamped his authority on the event from the first 400m pass setting the fastest reaction time of 0.141 (not faster than Mellissaís 0.001 though at the last drag Combat Ė come on girls were are you) and the fastest ET of 13.589 which could not be bettered by even a Audi 2.8 V6 Twin turbo running 105 race fuel...what the %$#@ is in those XR5ís?

Regardless of the attempts of the entire field he could not be beat and not only won $100 cash for the quickest reaction time, he also won $100 for the fastest ET Ė congratulations Sean. Watch out for this young man at the next event ...are there any F1 teams short a driver?

The hot hatch category eluded Sean though (remember this event was about consistency also not just all out power and speed) with the win going to fellow XR5 driver Ben who continued to fly the XR5 flag late into the night (well till the street lights came on and thatís late for me)...and at his first epcc event too!

Ben was lucky though as track veteran James was so busy watching other race categories run he missed his own...that and a WSID official did kind of point him in the wrong direction...there is always next year.

Honourable mention does go to Stan who had all the numbers on the board yet decided enough was enough after qualifying and went back home to catch up on some much needed sleep. Well most of us were awake before 5am (on a Sunday) so it is understandable.

Yes there was more prize money to be had in the Sedan and Avant categories however they were both won by the respective event organiserís, and EuroAutomotive, so itís just not as exciting to report on.

If you donít want o miss out on the next event (or you just want your share or RDA and EBC Brakes prize money) be sure to put in an annual leave from now to get Monday the 27th of April off work for the EBC / RDA Brake Neck Sprint...i mean who really wants to go to work on Monday anyway Ė come to the track instead. Driver Trianing included and passengers permitted too!

Until next time, drive smart, drive fast, drive safe and see you at the circuit.

above from the epcc would be nice to see an Alfa at the next event without diff issues though.