Rim refurbishment Perth

Started by poohbah, August 16, 2023, 06:16:51 PM

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Anyone in WA looking for somewhere to get their alloys refurbished, I highly recommend Alloy Magic in Wangara. Just had all 4 teledials on my 156 GTA fully refurbed and couldn't be happier. Workshop owner Peter does superb work, quickly and efficiently and for just $275/corner (inc GST) it is great value. Rims look like they are straight from factory. Before they looked every one of their 21 years - paint flaking all over, kerb rash, and just plain dull.
Now:    2002 156 GTA
            1981 GTV
Before: 1999 156 V6 Q-auto
            2001 156 V6 (sadly cremated)

Dr Alfa

These look great. I'm about to get mine re-done along with the side skirts re-sprayed (loads of stone chips) and a cut/polish.