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Started by Alfa-mad, August 12, 2023, 06:10:30 PM

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Hi all, so I do my own oil changes and because of that, I get the message pop up in the cluster that says the oil needs changing so I need to be able to reset that service message.

I took the plunge and bought an OBDII bluetooth scanner but turns out this one is useless.

Before I bought it I checked the compatibility in the accompanying app and it showed that it was able to work with the 159 but in practice, it can't read the VIN automatically and it can't even recognize it when you try adding it manually.

So if anyone was considering a scanner, don't get this one.

I'm open to hearing any suggestions if anyone knows of an OBDII scanner that actually works.


Well, another day and another disappointing product. So after returning the previous OBD2 scan tool (was around $100) I decided to take the plunge on a more expensive tool in the hopes it would give me the results I was looking for.

This time I went with a Foxwell NT510 Elite (was around $300). For a tool like this you have to choose the software you need preinstalled, in this case, I chose the FIAT Group software which includes Alfa Romeo.

I made sure to ask the vendor on eBay if this scan tool would work with the 159 specifically and was given a firm 'YES'! However in practice, it doesn't. Sure it powers up when you plug it in, but it has the same issue as the cheaper scan tool in that it doesn't recognize the VIN when you try to scan it and also doesn't recognize it when you manually enter it.

When you look in the menu, there are only four Alfa Romeo cars listed; Giulia, Giulietta, MiTo and 4C so it seems pretty clear it's not supported.

I raised a support ticket with Foxwelltech.us (the manufacturer) and they told me if you don't see the 159 in the list, then it quite simply isn't supported and I should return the product which I am doing.

I'll keep searching and keep you all posted once I find something worthy.