NSW Historic vehicle Registration

Started by pbhawkin, July 25, 2023, 01:16:29 PM

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Hi all,
Just to confirm the procedure for this in NSW. This will be my first time doing this :D
1. The vehicle is not modified and so I guess that means using the "Historic Vehicle Registration" form and not the "Classic Vehicle" form, correct?
2. I then post the form (with a enclosed self addressed envelope) with my and the car details to the secretary of AROCA (NSW) who verifies that the vehicle is eligible and puts their stamp on the form and posts it back to me, correct?
It does not seem it needs to have a safety Inspection report or a declaration that it is in a safe operating condition (Only if the club is less than 2 years old!?). This is confusing as, what does the age of the club have to do with the safety of the vehicle!
3. Does the vehicle need a Pink slip? I may be buying it from interstate (it is on historic plates there).
4. I take the completed "Historic Vehicle Registration" form to the RMS and get plates and logbook and pay the fees.

is that about correct?

Peter H


I don't go through AROCA for mine because I've also got a bike on historic plates as well, but my process is this:

- Get a PAPER pink slip (not an e-safety cert)
- Fill out the Historic Vehicle Rego form with vehicle/club/owner details and pink slip number
- Get that form stamped by the club
- Take the form and pink slip to RTA/RMS/whatever they call themselves today, answer "yes" when they ask you if you want to participate in the logbook scheme.

https://www.alfaclubnsw.org.au/motorsport--motoring/conditional-registration/ says you'll need a pink slip, so sounds like they don't offer to do their own safety declaration (and I don't blame them for not wanting the liability)

Henry Goodman

Hi Peter.
If in doubt you can contact Adrian, Historic Registration Club Officer, directly via the AROCA NSW club website. Adrian will walk you though the process which is dictated by RMS (not the club). A heads up you will need a pink slip as suggested by Festy.
Cheers. Henry.


thanks to all who replied.
I have sent Adrian a email.
Peter H