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Started by Craig_m67, May 26, 2023, 06:59:00 PM

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Hej oop,

I need a new windscreen for the Duetto (1600 Giulia Spider) as my original (to me) was broken in storage.  The usual suspects; O'Briens & Autoglasswarehouse, etc have come up with nix... no stock for you.  Heaps of the later Series 2~4 fastback spider windscreens, but yeah.. no Series 1

Does anybody have any leads or inside knowledge of where to source one in Aust.  I could maybe import from the UK, but imagine the expense (packing) would be diabolical.  Should probably buy three for packing redundancy.

'66 Duetto (lacework of doom)
'73 1600 GT Junior (ensconced)
'03 156 1.9JTD Sportwagon (daily driver)


Have you tried Turin Imports, they may be able to help.

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Okay, so after quite a few calls, visits, searching and asking, it would appear there are no (nil, none, nada, nix) of these windscreens available in Australia. 

The RACQ, O'Briens Heritage, Autoglass etc all have listings on the National Automotive Glass register (yeah), but there is no available stock anywhere and they will not be importing or making it again.  Flat no.  The RACQ (Northside) went as far as to (politely) say, we would write your car off and pay you out of you needed this screen, BTW here's somebody who used to make them, have a nice day.

So yeah, best of luck to all the other Duetto/1750 Roundtail owners out there.. you may want to check with your insurers re glass replacement.  Later 105 Spiders, no drama, $305./

I'm still hopeful somebody can source one locally, but it's not looking good.  Importing one from Pilkingtons UK or Alfaholics is possible but spendy (quoted $3k just for freight).

If anybody has any suggestions let me know....
'66 Duetto (lacework of doom)
'73 1600 GT Junior (ensconced)
'03 156 1.9JTD Sportwagon (daily driver)