using vehicle ramps for a 156, spider & Giulietta progression

Started by cc, November 20, 2022, 09:34:43 AM

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If anyone is using little vehicle ramps for any of the above, could they post their dimensions please eg ramp angle, height... where sourced (repco?)
My days of running the the passenger side wheels up on the gutter and wriggling underneath are drawing to a close : )
Have found using vehicle stands a bit tedious. (jacking up one side then the other)
As a subject of interest i ordered Petronas recommended products for the 156 & the Giulietta from Foleys in sydney and even after $30 freight for 9 litres, it was $60 cheaper than buying the same in Brisbane. Its noticeably old stock tho, slight patina of rust on the top of the selenia racing tin.


Ramps are all pretty standard. I also use extenders that allow the use of the ramps on lowered cars - they are attachments to standard ramps that allow a shallower angle initially so the spoiler car avoid being fouled. I recommend just getting a set of ramps - load bearing is the biggest parameter to be concerned with.
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What do people do with their old 2.5...?


Its easy enough putting some boards or similar in front of ramps to get lowered cars up onto them without scraping. The issue I have is that the ramps themselves 9mine anyway) don't have enough height to allow me to wriggle under, and I'm only a little bloke.
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