Alfasud front shock inserts. Rebuild or replace

Started by mrman, May 09, 2023, 05:01:52 PM

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Hi all,
Im chasing a front shock insert for my 84 sprint (inboard brake)

Currently has konis in the spica struts.

Haven't been able to find any off the shelf inserts for the spica's.

Does anyone have any lying around?

Otherwise, where is the best place to get them rebuilt? Thanks!

ps located sydney but will pay for postage.


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Quote from: Craig_m67 on May 09, 2023, 09:03:11 PM

No idea if they have stock.
... I'd be replacing the struttop mount (roller) bearings also.

saw those, unfortunately they are for the boge struts and i don't think they will fit my spicas :(


a quick update for anyone who finds this thread later. I ended up getting my koni's rebuilt by "smooth suspension" in lillydale vic. They did do a good job but i must say it wasn't a great experience. I called up before i sent the shock over and was told that it would take 1-2 weeks for them to do the job. However, they didn't send the shock for 4 weeks (and only after a lot of pestering).

I believe that "ww shock absorbers" also rebuilds knois. i will be using them next time