Hello and happy to be a new member of AROCA (Vic)

Started by Toshorama, April 27, 2023, 08:48:20 PM

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I have a 1976 Alfetta GT coupe. Prior to that, an 1981 Alfa Giulietta 'L'. Beautiful car and regret selling. Jumped into an 1984 GTV a few years later but family priorities saw that sold. Now the GT. Beautiful in every way. It has been work in progress, especially finding people who appreciate working on these cars. I am hopeful to have it ready for club reg. in the next few months and ready for Spring weather. Some small rust spots and brakes will need fine tuning. Everything else is great.
Hope you like the photos. Looking forward to catching up with members in the Victorian Alpine area.🇮🇹🍀

vin sharp

Welcome back to Alfa ownership. Transaxles are great cars for the day. any day that is.
We came back from Alfesta in Toowomba after Easter and stopped in Yack for a coffee & walk around. Trusty Alfetta 2.0 sedan covered 3900km on the trip & never missed a beat. Has 395,000km on the clock now and the original factory air-con still works, old-style York pump & all!
Hope to see you around some of the Alpine chapter runs. Drop Leon Cottle a line, current president of the chapter & legendary weekend run organzier.


A warm Queensland welcome to 116 ownership. One thing you will have to get used to when owning a classic coupe is the people that come out of the hollow logs (whether at the traffic lights or a car park) with a cheerful greeting like, "love that car" !! Usually followed up by, "my father had one, always wanted one".

...hard to get that for the biggest selling car in the world, the Toyota Corolla.

So don't be a stranger and drive that sucker for the sheer joy of it to Queensland and get a huge welcome slap on the back and a cold beer.  8) 8) They love 'em up here too.
Transaxle Alfas Haul More Arse.