Off the shelf ignition leads etc

Started by Paulos, April 11, 2023, 09:04:51 AM

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Another Alfa novice question. The 77 Alfetta I've picked up seems to be a legitimate low klm (49,000k), still has the oem ignition leads and Gold Lodge spark plugs.
I was going to renew them for piece of mind. B7es seem to be the concensus for the plugs, am I right to pick up a Bosch or similar, off the shelf plug lead set?
Thanks in advance, no pun intended.


Take you leads to Super Cheap and get the same length Bosch leads


BP7ES might be a better choice, assuming you have standard sized valves.
The P is for protruding electrode - it can result in a better spark because the electrode is further into the combustion chamber, and isn't shielded by the spark plug's body.
But either will work fine.