Paraflu Engine Coolant

Started by djhongkong, March 18, 2023, 09:46:26 AM

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Hi everyone,

I'd appreciate some pointers for an Alfa Guilietta 2013 model. The manual says the engine coolant must be Paraflu which isn't readily available in Victoria.

I'm just wondering if other standard engine coolants would do the job (ie OAT type etc.) or I should specifically source Paraflu. Also is mixing two types advisable or not. It already has engine coolant in the reservoir but below minimum.

Would appreciate any pointers.

Cheers, David


I've (we've) used a red (Nulon?) coolant (50:50) mix from SuperCheap whenever it needed topping up (never), or whenever preventative maintenance required (cambelt/water pump/thermostat).

Pretty sure it's red, it's not blue or green that said, I'm colour blind and once bought a black 156 Sportwagon in the dark that turned out to be charcoal grey (and much nicer).

Paraflu is just a brand, it's the specifications that matter.  Tech spec says Red

Red protective with antifreeze action, based on inhibited monoethylene glycol with organic formula.  Exceeding CUNA NC 956-16, ASTM D 3306 specifications.
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