Alfa 147 broken Keys

Started by TuTenkamun, March 17, 2023, 08:24:23 AM

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Hi All,

Just thought I'd introduce myself here again (I forgot my old login)
I have been through the all too common hell of my 147 Key stopping working.
Everyone, mechanics and Key specialists, told me it couldn't be fixed. But climbing into my car every time I wanted to open the boot was a royal PITA.
Alfa's answer is to replace the MCU, the Body Computer AND the door locks. There had to be a better way.
As I am an electronic engineer I was able to test that my key was still sending a signal when the buttons were pressed.
Several months later, and a lot of research and some specialist hardware and software, I am happy to say I NOW HAVE 2 WORKING KEYS AGAIN!!

So I'm putting it out there, never throw away an old key. Keep them all (I'm looking at you, mechanics).
I'm willing to try and help out other Alfa owners in the same position. You will need your ALARM Code (you can get it from Alfa for a smallish fee)
I will TRY to fix other people's broken keys. If I can't get them working, no charge.
Oh, and they don't need to be the original key from the car. ANY key from the same model / series can be programmed to the car.
You can get me at (just take out the dots) if you want to try.